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[It's July 10th. Another year has gone by, and Jay has grown another year older. Another year...meaning he was no longer a kid. Now he was technically an adult, but he still carried the appearance and manner of a kid.]

I'm 20 years old now, but I don't feel any different. Is being an adult supposed to feel different from being a kid?

[He looks at himself in the mirror.] I haven't grown any taller at all, have I? Ugh...I can almost hear that stupid bandit teasing me about my height. It makes my ears hurt...

[Offscreen, his cat can be heard meowing.] Ah...now that's a much more pleasant sound...

[He picks up the cat, pulling it into view, stroking it lovingly.]
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[There's a black cat wandering around the village, close by Community Building 3. Yes, Jay has finally decided to let it out to play for a while. But he is nearby watching it carefully...not too close to make it obvious that the cat is his. He'll watch carefully if people try to pet or play with it, but if he suspects any kind of cruelty towards it, he'll rush in to the rescue.]
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[It's just another day in the neighborhood. Having run out of supplies, Jay makes an imperative run to the grocery shops to gather more. He grabs a lot; a large bag of cat food, a large bag of cat litter, and several sacks full of canned cat food.]

[So how does he carry all of this stuff? Well, he's pulling it all in a red wagon, through the plaza and towards Community Building 3.]

I hope he doesn't run away...

[He mutters to himself as he goes, unable to explain why he has this dreaded feeling that the cat would run once the door was open. Now that he has this cat, his biggest fear is to lose it.]
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[Of course, Jay's only goal was to get away from all of this madness. A trip to the shop for cat supplies turned out to be unsuccessful, as the crowds drove him back to his apartment. However, as soon as he opens the door, the little black kitten bolts out.]

H-Hey! Come back here!

[He chases the kitten out into the village, forcing his way through the crowds as quickly as he can, fighting to at least keep the kitten within sight until he can catch it.]
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Luceti threads for 2013

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[On Christmas morning, Jay is awakened by a tiny mewing sound. At first he tries to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it keeps getting more incessant as the morning hours roll in. Finally, he's had enough and begins to search for the source. It doesn't take him long to find the shiny purple box at the foot of his bed.]

[He's left his journal open as usual, and of course the accidental broadcast occurs sometime during the morning. So anyone checking their journals may hear the mews as well. Jay picks up his journal and props it against the wall on the desk, allowing viewers to see him setting the box on the desk. More mewing and scratching can be heard. He glances at the journal, realizing that it's already recording.]

Well, why am I not surprised?

[Moving on, he pulls on the ribbon, loosening it from its knot. He pulls off the lid, reaches into the box and pulls out...a little black kitten. Jay's eyes go wide as he holds it in one arm, spontaneously stroking its soft fur.]

This is...?

[Not quite an Oresoren, but it's soft and fluffy and will be sure to love him. Just what the doctor ordered.]
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[Jay wakes up, blinking as he takes note of his new Space Opera surroundings. He’s not too surprised, at least, given that the Malnosso had the courtesy to warn the residents about these changes.]

Hmm. Since when did they use automata to do their work?

Well, I suppose I can get started on these scavenger hunts.

[Acquiring some points may not be a bad idea. Anything to make his life more bearable.]
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[Jay was pretty lucky this past week...or was he? He missed the amnesia plague, because the Malnosso had decided to use him to play a cruel joke. In your living room (or in the backyard if the house/apartment is too small) is a coffin, with one half of the lid open. Jay is sleeping inside said coffin, dressed in a formal suit (top-left image), his hands folded neatly over his torso. He appears as if ready for his own funeral...but you may want to make sure he's actually dead before you bury him. Luckily for Jay, he's a very light sleeper.]


[Later on, there'll be a short voice broadcast from him, not addressed to anyone in particular.]

It's October, according to this world's calendar. It was October when I was drawn here three years ago. I hope you're satisfied!

[The last word comes out as a vicious hiss.]
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[As always, Jay has his journal open, listening for something...interesting to spy on. But he's a bit distracted right now, looking at his calendar, and a particular Oresoren figurine that Moses had carved for him last year. In his distraction, he doesn't even realize that his journal is currently recording.]

July 10th...that was my birthday. But...is it really?

[Chibi-Usa had chosen that date for his birthday, but he hasn't heard from her in so long, he's almost certain that she's gone home by now.]

No...it can't be. I don't even have a birthday. No one else knows about it anyway, and there's no reason to celebrate it. It's just another day. Oh well...

[...But why does he feel like this? Jay reaches over to pick up the Oresoren figurine and hold it tenderly in his lap. Perhaps there's a part of him inside that really does want to celebrate a birthday just like all the other cool kids.]
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[Jay returns from the draft and once again gives his public opinion.]

...What a mess. It looks like the Malnosso had some fun while we were gone. What a perfect way to clear out the village for a manhunt, to send half of the population on a draft. They would pull something like this at the most...convenient time.

[Of course "convenient" is drenched with sarcasm, because it was only convenient for the Malnosso.]

So these are the terrible consequences we were promised? Just a little bad weather? Somehow I expected more from them. I suppose I'd better get busy and find out how the aforementioned manhunt went.

As for the draft, it went well, as usual. Though it does feel good to get out of that space suit...

[And then he'll go out and explore the damage around the village.]
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[The feed starts with a quite audible, distinctive and very exasperated sigh.]

Could we just...pretend this last experiment never happened?

[He just wants to forget about it, but something is preventing him from doing so. He still has the flowers that Vincent Valentine gave him sitting on his desk, and he can't stop staring at them. He has to get rid of them...but he can't just throw them away. That just doesn't feel right for some reason. But he needs to do something before they turn into a bunch of dead things. Hmm...putting them in a garden sounds nice. The first garden that comes to mind is Memorial Garden. The perfect place.]

[So he takes the flowers and heads over to the Memorial Garden. Once he reaches it, he'll just toss each flower into it at random places, one flower at a time.]
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[When Jay wakes up, he finds himself in (surprise!) a princess dress. He looks at his journal with a sigh.]

Not again...those Malnosso just can't get enough amusement from things like this, can they?

I wish I could find my prince...but where do I look? Well...at least Moses isn't here to kidnap me again.

[Regardless, he's going to make his way to the clothing shop. Perhaps he can find something to at least cover up the dress, since taking it off won't work.]

[OOC: So here we go, Princess Jay with thought bubbles!]
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[If one happens to glance at the fountain at the right time, they may catch sight of Jay appearing in the air out of nowhere. If that doesn't get their attention, he'll make quite a bit of noise as he lands right in the fountain with a loud splash, spraying water everywhere.]

[Jay pulls his face out of the water, spitting it from his mouth. He stands up slowly and shakily and looks around, only to see...nothing. He can't see a thing. He can't feel anything either, except for the water waving at his ankles, and dripping from the rest of his body. He hears incoherent voices all around him. That's all he has to go by, as he notices that even his ninja senses are missing. He can't feel anything around him. At least with the public voices and the water, Jay is able to conclude that he's in the village plaza, in the fountain.]

[All right...he's got to get out of this fountain. He waves his hands out in front of him, trying to feel for anything that might be in his way. Unfortunately, as he reaches the edge, he trips over it, falling face first on the concrete. How embarrassing...]

[Jay stands up once again and begins to walk with small, awkward steps, still reaching out in front of him. Unfortunately, he has no idea where he's going, as he keeps bumping into everything and everyone that happens to be in his way.]

[OOC: So Jay is blind, and he's lost his ninja senses. So he's going to need help, whether he wants it or not. Feel free to have him bump into you, or accidentally lay his hands on you as he's trying to feel his way around. Or feel free to troll him if you feel so inclined. XD]
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[Well, Jay has finally made up his mind. He wants to go home. Even if it's just for a day, it'll be enough time for him to check up on the Oresoren, th warn them that he'll be gone again, and assure them that he'll come back home for good someday. If he can give them some peace of mind, it'll give him peace of mind as well.]

[But the problem is finding someone to bring with him. Well, time is running short, and he has to find someone fast. With no time to ask any specific individuals, he'll make a public request over the journals. He'll take anyone he can get at this point.]

If I could have your attention, please. Is there anyone...?

[He pauses as his nerves get quite frazzled. Asking a favor from people who are no more fond of him than he is of them is really unsettling. He inhales deeply and tries again.]

Is there anyone who...?

[He stops again as he hears a thumping sound in the distance, making its way closer. It doesn't take him long to recognize the sound, the sound of the Malnosso droids' footsteps. Knowing that he was the only person living on this floor, Jay knows that the droids are coming for him.]

[In the camera's view, Jay stands from his desk slowly and warily. He reaches into his pocket, gripping his dagger.]

Oh no...

[Jay's fears are confirmed when the droids pound on his door, forcing their way through. After being so lucky for two years, they had to pick now of all times to come for him?]

Damn you! Not now!

[In a fit of rage and desperation, Jay hurls an exploding dagger at the droids, and then jumps out through his window glass to escape. After trying to outrun the droids and fight them for his freedom, Jay is inevitably caught.]
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This post here is for personal conversations which should happen but one or both of us doesn't want to put up a new post/log and thus we will just thread it out here. This can be used to thread with Jay anytime and anywhere. This can either be in person (with action), or via the journal's call feature (voice and/or written).

When replying to this post please mark in the subject line when and how it is taking place EX:
[Action, March 11th]
[Voice, September 8th]
Written, June 10th]
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[During the time on the beach eating the fruits, Jay and Yotsuba had agreed to get together, head to the Good Spirits bar, drink some banana juice, and watch the drunk people. Well, that wasn't just the fruit talking. This is a plan that Jay intends to go through with.]

[So he makes his way over to House 40 and knocks on the door...]

[After picking up Yotsuba, they'll head over to the Good Spirits bar.]

[OOC: Okay, so Jay and Yotsuba are going to hang out at the Good Spirits bar, so anyone who works there or regularly hangs out there, or just want to see what mischief these two are up to are welcome to join in. Tagging order will be Your Character > Jay > Yotsuba.]
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[Since Jay is seeing all these people wondering what happened over the weekend, he decides to address it all at once.]

So we've had another weekend that no one remembers. It seems to be a pattern, at least for as long as I've been here...although it was a bit late this year. The Malnosso aren't entirely unpredictable, though they do like to alter things a bit. I don't know what happened during these weekends, but I'm inclined to believe their statement that we're better off not knowing. If it was an experiment, as I suspect, I would rather not remember it.

[There, is everyone happy? Good. He doesn't care.]
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There are way too many people here. Didn't we already have a New Feather cycle this month?

[Jay will be in the plaza, trying to "spy" on as many of these newcomers as he can, by standing out in the open and just observing people as they go about their business.]
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Name: CrypticGirl
Livejournal Username: [personal profile] cryptgirl
E-mail: cryptkeeper58@hotmail.com
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- It's time to dive into a steaming pile of YOU!
- Your fun side comes out in obscene ways.

[For some reason, Jay is actually getting into this. He can be seen walking around the village actually smiling for a change. Occasionally he'll stop and watch the people around him as usual. But then he'll pick up a snowball and hurl it towards a random unsuspecting victim. And he won't give a damn what they have to say about it. Today is his day, and he's going to have fun.]
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[The first thing Jay notices when he wakes up is how...quiet it is, how...empty it is in the apartment. Even more so than when he had lived alone for almost two years. Something isn't right. Surely Moses would be up and about by now, and there's no way he could sneak out without Jay knowing.]

[Jay gets out of bed and looks around the room. Sure enough, there's no sign of the bandit's belongings.]

Moses? ...Giet?

[This can't be happening. They can't send Moses home so soon, they just can't. There were so many things Jay was looking forward to – taking revenge for the last experiment for one, and seeing Moses looking even more ridiculous in future experiments for another. Damn those Malnosso...]

[Jay returns to his bed and picks up his journal with a long, silent pause. He won't cry for the stupid bandit...but still his voice cracks quite a bit when he speaks into his journal.]


Moses Sandor is...gone...
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Finally! I've had enough of being a princess! I am ready to burn this stupid costume. Perhaps another costume bonfire is in order? Or, considering a certain holiday that's coming up, it should wait until afterward. But then again, I don't suppose we'll experience the same thing this year. That would be too predictable.

[He sighs.]

Two years in this place...oh, bother. I wonder...no, I don't even want to think about it.
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[Well, it almost seems like a normal morning in Luceti. (But then again, is there such thing as "normal" in Luceti?) Jay sits up in his bed, immediately taking note of the loose lavender sleeves he's wearing. Alarmed, he throws the covers off to see the rest of the dress; long, lavender, sparkly and shiny. Even more alarmed, he jumps out of bed...only to lose his balance on the lavender high-heels he's wearing, falling to the floor. He gets up and runs precariously to the bathroom to look himself in the mirror.]

[Oh dear Nerifes, why is he wearing a dress of all things? It's even complete with a sparkling tiara. He immediately rips the tiara off and throws it...but it only reappears on his head mere seconds later. So this is going to be one of those experiments, is it?]

[Jay steps out of the bathroom, making sure Moses isn't around. Hopefully he's taken Giet out for his morning walk by now. So Jay returns to his bed and grabs his journal.

All right...just what are the Malnosso up to this time? Isn't it a little early for Halloween?

[OOC: Chronologically, the action thread with Moses will come last, when he kidnaps this pretty "princess.".]
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[And here's Jay with another Cold Reality report.]

Another New Feather cycle, hmm? Welcome, I suppose...although this place isn't meant to be welcoming at all. And for those who are boldly making claims, please don't delude yourselves. You're in for a much more difficult task than you're anticipating. Thus, you won't be escaping from here anytime soon. Not by your own will, anyway. So whatever sanity you have, be sure to hold onto it, because it will be tested.
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If anyone happens to visit the Battle Dome, they'll find Jay inside, practicing his eres on a small variety of opponents. After the exercise, he emerges from the dome to stretch out his limbs.]

[Perhaps you've seen him in action, or maybe you're just catching him as he comes out.]

Well, I must say that was invigorating.
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Well, I'm sure many of you are as disappointed as I am that this last draft turned out to be, to put it mildly, an utter disaster. Yes, I agree that the Malnosso are idiots for sending noncombatants into the field, and even more so with the abnormal shift effects. But that's not the point.

The point is that there's no reason to complain about all of this. The Malnosso won't listen, and they'll continue to draft us, whether we can fight or not. Knowing this, we cannot afford to let our guard down even for a second. People have been offering classes for learning how to fight, so you noncombatants should take advantage of them if you value your lives. We know what the Third Party has in store for us. We know that these drafts have been happening for over a year now, and we know that anyone can be drafted at any given time without warning. I would strongly suggest that people start preparing now for the next draft. There's really no excuse for being unprepared at this point.

[He sounds harsh, but he's really trying to be helpful.]
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So, how many of you were actually pleased with the families you had during this experiment?

[Jay's family of otters beats Bowser's family any day of the week. Later that day, Jay decides to head to the clothing shop. Feel free to catch him browsing at the shoes.]
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[Unfortunately, Jay's plan to hide from the madness caused by the experiment was fruitless, as he found himself in need of necessities.]

Fine time to run out of supplies! Oh bother…

Don't bother wishing that you were unaffected by this experiment. It's just as inconvenient for those of us who haven't turned into anything.

[Is this his odd way of trying to cheer up the population? Who knows?]

[After his announcement, Jay will make his way through the village to the shops, trying to dodge the big things, and trying not to squash the little things.]
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[Well, Jay has had enough of walking around with his jacket ripped, so he finally mans up and takes it to the clothing shop to have it patched. At least he's healed enough physically, but emotionally he's pretty ticked off. But he keeps his emotions under wraps as he moves through the village en route to the clothing shop. And then he'll have his revenge on that blasted death god.]
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[After this battle, Jay is returned to the village after being roughly patched up by the droids. He's walking slowly through the plaza towards the clinic for further healing, careful not to move his upper body. His sweater is still ripped from the encounter, and stained with dried blood, and if one can see through it, they might be able to see the patches across his chest where he had been cut.]

[But his injuries aren't on his mind at the moment. Thanks to the Cinematic Record, Grell knows everything now, everything that Jay didn't want him to know. He knows about Jay's past as an instrument of death, and he knows about the Oresoren. However, Jay won't let it get to him too much. It's only Grell who knows. Even if he tries to spread the word, Jay highly doubts that anyone would believe him. After all, he hasn't killed anyone here. And he is much more sane than Grell is.]

[Jay is headed to the clinic now to get himself fixed. Feel free to bump into him, help him along, or heal him at the clinic.]
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It would seem that I'll be joining the draft after all.

[Normally he'd be feeling confident about it, but the shifting incompatibility unsettles him.]

Perhaps some of you may know what sort of possible effects we'd suffer as a result of this shifting incompatibility. Has this ever happened before?
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Can we just get rid of this holiday and be done with it?

[All this love stuff is starting to make him ill. So he'll be going to the lake to get away from all the romantic bliss. Or at least he'll try to.]

[OOC: First comment reserved for Viki. Okay, feel free!]
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[Sometime during the last experiment, Jay had heard an announcement…that Shirley was gone. However, he wasn't going to respond while he was an otter. But now there was no point in hesitating any longer. He had to find out for sure. And since the person who made the announcement was Shirley at the time, he had no idea who it really was. So there's nothing else to do but make a public inquiry.]

Did I hear correctly…that Shirley is gone?
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[Today the voice sounds innocent and semi-high-pitched.]

Wh…what's happened to my voice? Suddenly I don't quite feel like myself. I feel all right, and yet I…

[He panics as he realizes what he's become.]


[Those who know him may recognize that he's still wearing his normal clothes.]
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[He's got his bell. He's got the Oresoren doll. And now he's got an Oresoren rug, courtesy of Catherine Claus. Jay's apartment is looking closer to home. But a simple doll just doesn't replace the real Oresoren, the most important thing he's missing. Of course, the journal works in mysterious ways, and can start recording at the most "inconvenient" times.]

…What do you do when you miss someone?

[Later that day, Jay can be found by the lake, watching the ducks and occasionally throwing bread crumbs out to them.]
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Where did all these people come from?
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[Written – Private tl;dr] )

[He turns off the filter and starts a voice broadcast, which begins with a weary, exasperated sigh.]

Well, it could have been worse, I suppose…
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Ah…it feels good to be my normal size again…

[A pause as Jay seems to realize that the journal is recording and quickly snatches it. He leaves it recording to give an intentional message.]

Did I say that out loud? …Well, no matter, as long as Moses didn't hear that…

So what have we learned from this experiment?
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[As if Jay wasn't small enough already, he is now tiny. Very tiny. He tries to brave it by going out and trying to carry on his day like usual, but ends up regretting it as most of the people threaten to inadvertently step on him. As you pass through the plaza, you may hear his voice if you're not careful.]

Hey! Could you please watch where you're stepping!?

[At the very least, he's glad that Moses isn't around to make fun of his even smaller size. He'd never hear the end of it then…]
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When I compare the Halloween ball to the one last year, this one was far worse.

Giles, are you still in favor of the costume bonfire that we discussed?

[While he's addressing Giles, he leaves it unfiltered, because he wouldn't mind other people joining in. After all, the more costumes they burn, the bigger the fire will be.]
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[Jay's voice sounds rather muffled, but still coherent.]

I hope the Malnosso manage to accomplish something from this.

[Yes, it's Jay's purple kitty costume that muffles his voice. Each time he tries to remove the head, it just reappears over his own. So, Luceti, don't be too freaked out if you see a large purple kitty head flying out the second-story window of Community Building 3.]

[Alternatively, people may notice him coming out of the building, pulling off the kitty head and throwing it as hard as he could.]
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Unbelievable…I've been stuck in this place for a whole year now. A whole year. A whole year without my—

[He trails off, whispering softly to himself.]

They've probably forgotten about me by now. No…they wouldn't do that. They've always waited for me. If only there was a way to get home…or at least to let them know that I'm okay, and that I haven't forgotten about them… I don't want to keep them worried…

[Yes, he misses his otters that much.]


[Later on, as he emerges from C3, it doesn't take him long to notice the Battle Dome just south of his building.]

What is that??
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So many different animals appearing lately. So they kept their promise after all. Does this mean that…?


[And Jay could be found in the plaza once again, observing all thee Lucetians and their newly acquired pets. If they're all showing up, then surely there must be an Oresoren lurking around somewhere, right? Jay looked around, hopeful…]

[Feel free to bug him and//or introduce him to your pets?]
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[Jay has only spoken to a couple of New Feathers in the past week, and they seemed so arrogant. Time to see how well they can back it up.]

Well, we have quite the smug group of New Feathers this time around. People who think they're so brilliant that they can provide a soundproof escape plan within a week. Well, the time is up. I'm waiting…

[Waiting eagerly, yet patiently, anxious to see how those smug few newcomers would fluster. After all, if he can't find a way to escape from Luceti, neither can anyone else.]


[Later in the evening, as the sun is setting, he'll be walking through the village with his hands in his pockets, enjoying the peace and quiet.]
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[Hey Luceti, guess who's being cynical again.]

Just when we thought the Malnosso were doing something right in sending some people home, they had to trip up and make a phenomenal mess. And now they're bringing in new people again. It feels like we're right back where we started. Will this nonsense ever come to an end?

For those who are new here, you have Raine Sage's guide, and the Welcome Center to help you get acquainted with our situation. There are countless other villagers here who will help you as well. But whatever you do, try not to get too comfortable. This place isn't all sunshine and roses.

[As if the events of this month weren't any indication…]
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[The journal is silent at first. In reality, he's actually pondering the events of the past few weeks; the earthquake destroying half of the village, food being short, and monsters from every world suddenly appearing. And just overnight, it was all over. The monsters are gone, the village restored, food supplies restored. All is as it was. Or is it?]

[The silence is broken with an exasperated sigh.]

And just like that, it's all over. Things are back to normal, if anything can even be considered normal anymore.

I've said this many times; I don't need to say it again. Who all feels the same way?

[OOC: Jay's unaffected for this event, so feel free to terrorize him with your AU selves!]


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